BridgePoint Pro v6.16


BridgePoint Pro v6.16 One Fact is pleased to announce the release of BridgePoint Pro v6.16. This release includes a number of exciting enhancements as well as bug fixes. Release Highlights Infrastructure User Interface Model Compiler Infrastructure Move to Eclipse Oxygen BridgePoint now runs on Eclipse Oxygen. Prior versions ran on Eclipse Mars. The user experience […]

Announcing xtUML 2015

One Fact is excited to announce xtUML 2015! This two day summit will cover xtUML methodology as well as open-source BridgePoint development. We look forward to engaging with the xtUML user base and facilitating connections between users and developers. We hope you can join us in Indiana. See the registration page for all the details.

Model Translation FAQs

Our team is very interested in helping new BridgePoint developers obtain the knowledge they need to enhance the tool. Recently we added a new “Model Translation / Model Compiler” section to the BridgePoint FAQ. The initial topics are: How does model translation work? What role does the model-based model compiler play? What is publicly available? […]

Collaborative Development using eGit

With the move of the BridgePoint source to open source licensing, we have received patches to the source from the xtUML community. In order to collaborate in the development of BridgePoint, it is important for a developer to understand how to use Github and git, especially forking, cloning, creating remotes, and creating pull requests. We […]

Getting Started with GitHub


  The BridgePoint source code is published on GitHub under the xtUML organization (   If you are new to git, it works fundamentally different than revision control systems like CVS and SVN.  Chief among the differences is that each user has their own clone of the entire repository, rather than a single central repository. […]

Open Source BridgePoint

Dear xtUML Follower,   BridgePoint 100% Open Source All of BridgePoint is now Open Source Software.  The full source code and documentation are accessible at  You can download an installable Open Source BridgePoint at  The Editor, Verifier and Model Compilers are now openly accessible, licensed under Apache 2.0.  Feel free to download and […]