One Fact is a service-based business providing value around modeling, embedded control and support of model-driven development and specializing in Executable UML, BridgePoint, and engineering development process improvement. Browse all of our products below.

BridgePoint Pro

BridgePoint is Open Source Software supported by an active and growing community. Nightly Builds (git repository master branch) of the plugins are published regularly. For production projects requiring stability, support and traceability, periodic releases of BridgePoint are packaged and validated by One Fact and are available for purchase. Each release of BridgePoint Pro is archived so that patches for any release can be delivered as required.

BridgePoint Pro is characterized by:

  • Controlled, packaged, periodic releases
  • Simple zip-file installation
  • Integrated with Eclipse, EGit and support packages
  • Validated through rigorous testing by One Fact
  • Archived release history
  • Supported through Service Pro Contract

Service Pro

For production projects and mission critical deployments, support of BridgePoint Pro is available from One Fact.

Service Pro Access provides the following
  • Private issue tracker for service requests
  • Includes public repository access
  •  Protects customer-specific information
  • Provides convenient mechanism for prioritizing issues
  • Biweekly meetings with One Fact
  • Ensure close cooperation with One Fact
  • Influence the BridgePoint roadmap
  • Collaborate with One Fact team members
  • Rapid support for critical failures
  • Keep your engineers working productively
  • Reduce project risk
Service Pro Help provides the following
  • Phone support
  • Email and online live chat support
  • Screen sharing
  • On-site support (by request)

Training & Consulting

One Fact staff have decades of experience helping customers succeed with model driven workflows.

  • Requirements Clarification
  • Basic xtUML Modeling
  • Advanced xtUML Modeling
  • Model Compiler Development
  • BridgePoint Tool Usage
  • Assessment
  • Modeling
  • Model Compiler Development
  • Test Engineering
  • Engineering Process Definition
  • Deployment and Integration
  • BridgePoint Tool Development
  • Project Management

Custom Engineering

One Fact provides custom engineering services tailored to your needs in the following areas:

  • BridgePoint feature development and bug fixes
  • Model Compiler design and development
  • Test suite design and development
  • Test framework development and deployment
  • Long-term maintenance of custom product builds


One Fact offers a high-bandwidth technology transfer product called Assessment. An assessment is a focused engagement in which your project is assessed for readiness for Model-Driven Development and/or Model-Driven Architecture as well as other aspects of the development process.

See an example MDD Assessment planning overview.

Assessment Process

Whatever the situation,

we’ve got your back.

You can trust One Fact with all of your xtUML needs. Our expertise ranges from modeling to implementation.