Model Translation FAQs

Our team is very interested in helping new BridgePoint developers obtain the knowledge they need to enhance the tool. Recently we added a new “Model Translation / Model Compiler” section to the BridgePoint FAQ.

The initial topics are:

  • How does model translation work? What role does the model-based model compiler play?
  • What is publicly available? Can anyone outside the xtUML dev team actually build Generator?
  • Generator dependencies: Galaxy, Windows, Visual C++… What’s required to eliminate them?
  • How often do these tools change? When would I have to rebuild them?

As you can see, the questions and answers primarily focus on the source code and usage of the tools that perform model translation. We encourage developers to keep asking questions in the chat rooms and xtUML forum. Together we will keep improving the documentation and spreading the BridgePoint development knowledge.

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