Getting Started with GitHub



The BridgePoint source code is published on GitHub under the xtUML organization (

If you are new to git, it works fundamentally different than revision control systems like CVS and SVN.  Chief among the differences is that each user has their own clone of the entire repository, rather than a single central repository.  GitHub provides the mechanism to publish and share a git repository.  Our 1F development team primarily uses eGit inside of Eclipse to interact with git repositories and GitHub.  But the model compiler authors find the development flow is particularly well suited to using command line git tools.

To get started accessing the BridgePoint repositories, you simply need to create an account on

We have a number of instructional videos for eGit that were created as part of our xtUML Learning Series.  The entire set may be found on YouTube in the xtUML channel:

I especially recommend getting started with these:


There are many more excellent git tutorials in print and on YouTube that teach users how to use git, just not in the context of xtUML model development.  The xtUML forum and professional support from One Fact are great places to ask questions about using git for BridgePoint-based development.

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