xtUML Days 2019 In Motion

The conference has come and gone. We had a great mix of practitioners, methodologists, educators and fans. The week started with a reception dinner where we had an excellent menu and an upstairs room to ourselves. The conference proper featured presentations, debates and a panel discussion. Pictured here is the keynote speaker, Takao Futagami. Expect
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Shlaer-Mellor Runtime

Stephen and Sally never supplied a pre-packaged “Shlaer-Mellor Runtime Engine” in the form of operating system or middleware services. Instead, they defined rules for the execution of domains modeled using the Shlaer-Mellor Method. Examples included the Time and Event Rules, such as, “Event ordering shall be maintained between sender/receiver pairs.” (Which tacitly implies that ordering
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xtUML Days 2019 UK (1)

xtUML Days 2019 UK is coming September 12 in Cheltenham. This is the 6th edition of xtUMLDays. Last year xtUML Days hosted a substantial contingent of Shlaer-Mellor expertise from Saab, Vricon, UK Govt, ICS, BAE Systems, Kyushu University and others. This year will introduce new members to the modeling community. The information page is here:
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In the automotive sector, AUTOSAR establishes standards for architecture, communication and deployment for software and sensor/actuator functionality. A model-driven development approach enables the generation of many of the required artifacts encoded as ARXML. Here is a PhD thesis describing formal verification of such a system.

Saab Coming to West Lafayette

Various divisions within Saab have been long-time practitioners of executable modeling.  Today it was announced that Saab will be opening a site in the USA next door to Purdue University and One Fact headquarters! Saab Press Release Saab ‘Journey to West Lafayette‘ Purdue University Press Release West Lafayette Local Reporting