C Model Compiler Summer

The C model compiler has received new features this summer.   Here are some of the changes: Move to PyRSL version 2… way faster. keyed timers (now default) simulated time state save reflexive associative (loading) current state (changed before action body runs rather than after) poly to subtype (not supported so flagged as error) persistence of
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Shinshu Class

In October, One Fact’s own Cortland Starrett will be teaching a 2-weeks long (all day each day) xtUML modeling course at Shinshu University in partnership with Takao Futagami and under the guidance of Professor Mizue Kayama. Look for the class syllabus coming soon.  


…or Generalization and Specialization. In a modeled system, it is often important to categorize the entities in the system. Shown below a sedan and a sports car are both types of car each having a specialization. A convertible is a specialization of sports car.

Eclipse Oxygen

Eclipse Oxygen You can breathe easier; BridgePoint is now running on Eclipse Oxygen. We skipped Neon, and it is too soon for Photon. Oxygen keeps the xtUML editor, Verifier and model compilers on a platform that is mature yet fresh. Download a nightly build.

State Save

MC-3020 has a new feature called State Save. A mechanism to capture the present state of all state machine instances is provided through the State Save feature. Once triggered, the current state of each running instance state machine is written to a buffer. Outstanding events from the event queues are also written to the buffer.
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