Model Compiler Builders

The model compiler builders are changing.  Anyone using a Nightly Build after April 5, 2019 will need to upgrade their model compiler projects following the procedure outlined in section 5.2.1 of this engineering note. Read the note.  I think you will agree the cleanup is worth the minor upgrade inconvenience.  

Continuous Integration

The BridgePoint development team understands modeling, model-driven development and the benefits of abstraction, methodology and rigor.  Additionly, the team leverages the latest cloud-based technologies to support the engineering flow.  GitHub, Amazon Web Services, Redmine, Jenkins, Eclipse, real-time web chatting and more combine to take requirements to deployment. A typical scenario might be as follows: A
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Sorting Mail

Before a letter arrives in your mailbox, it has experienced hundreds of process steps in the journey from sender to receiver.  Automation equipment has photographed the face of the envelope, binarized the image, located the address blocks, decoded the address blocks using optical character recognition (OCR), bar-coded the envelope with invisible barcodes (fluorescent) and robotically
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We Like AsciiDoc

We Like AsciiDoc We Like AsciiDoc 1. Introduction and Background The BridgePoint development team has used plain ascii text as the primary medium for design documentation since the beginning (more than 20 years now). Alternate considerations included Microsoft Word, DocBook XML and a desktop publishing system called FrameMaker. The BridgePoint engineering process prescribes “notes” to
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda

Amazon and others are offering cloud services with no requirement for provisioning… just deploy code and scale from 0 to really high. xtUML and BridgePoint support modeling your application independently of its deployment architecture and generating code to embedded targets or to the cloud or both. BridgePoint now has capability to generate Java targeted to
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BridgePoint Pro v6.16

BridgePoint Pro v6.16 One Fact is pleased to announce the release of BridgePoint Pro v6.16. This release includes a number of exciting enhancements as well as bug fixes. Release Highlights Infrastructure User Interface Model Compiler Infrastructure Move to Eclipse Oxygen BridgePoint now runs on Eclipse Oxygen. Prior versions ran on Eclipse Mars. The user experience
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1,3,5+ Application, Dialects, Architectures

Shlaer-Mellor modeling has always claimed to provide Platform Independent Models (PIMs) that can be translated with platform specific software architectures.  The theory is sound…, but tangible, touchable, downloadable examples can be hard to find. Several teams of engineers have successfully re-deployed applications onto different targets, and teams have reused their software architectures (model compilers) on
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Papyrus Industry Consortium 2019

One Fact is a charter member of the Papyrus Industry Consortium. This organization involves many of those who are in the center of the modeling world.  The Papyrus IC was a gold sponsor at MODEL 2018 this year.  1F is looking forward to what is in store for 2019.