Eclipse Oxygen

Eclipse Oxygen You can breathe easier; BridgePoint is now running on Eclipse Oxygen. We skipped Neon, and it is too soon for Photon. Oxygen keeps the xtUML editor, Verifier and model compilers on a platform that is mature yet fresh. Download a nightly build.

State Save

MC-3020 has a new feature called State Save. A mechanism to capture the present state of all state machine instances is provided through the State Save feature. Once triggered, the current state of each running instance state machine is written to a buffer. Outstanding events from the event queues are also written to the buffer.
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BeagleBone Black

We like the BeagleBone Black development board.  It is small, fast and runs full Debian Linux.  We jacked it in to our network, ssh’d to it and started development.  gcc is on-board, so we can edit our source with vim and compile on-board.  Anything missing is just an ‘apt install’ command away. BridgePoint xtUML models translated
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Simulated Time

Simulated Time in MC-3020 implements a form of discrete event simulation. In simulated time mode, no external clock is read. The application runs as fast as the architecture allows. The time base is derived from timers used to cause functional delays in the production application. SystemC and Verifier both support modes where time is “simulated”.
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Chief Software Architect

Congratulations to Levi Starrett upon his promotion to Chief Software Architect. Levi is responsible for the structure and technology of BridgePoint.  And will… Research and choose technologies for implementation (such as Java, EMF, Eclipse, Xtext, Python, M2M). Define and maintain interfaces between modules in the tooling. Freshen the technology in a manner that is “Incremental,
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Einstein’s Riddle Solved

The previous post posed Einstein’s Riddle and supplied a class diagram to abstract the information. Here is the solution in BridgePoint running Verifier.  In the Session Explorer to the left, you can see the instances of ‘owner’ and the links to the correct instances of each of ‘house’, ‘pet’, ‘tobacco’ and ‘beverage’. Here is a
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