MDD at Shinshu U

The xtUML Modeling, Execution and Translation class held its first session at the Toyo Research Laboratory in Karuizawa, Japan this week. Professor Mizue Kayama of Shinshu University and Professor Takashi Nagai of IOT University joined together with their students.

The course syllabus includes:

  • Day 1:  Introduction, Assessment, Overview, Types, Variables, Domains and Abstraction
  • Day 2:  Security, Codes, Diffie–Hellman Key Exchange, Classes, Attributes and Objects
  • Day 3:  Associations, Multiplicity, Conditionality, Generalization, Specialization
  • Day 4:  State Machines, States, Events, Transitions, Time
  • Day 5:  Action Language, Statements, Control Structures, Simulation
  • Day 6:  Encrypted Communication, BridgePoint, Robots, Circuits, Making Things Move
  • Day 7:  Translation, Model Compilers, Debugging
  • Day 8:  Running Systems, Competition, Exam
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