Find a Bug; Fix a Bug

We develop software. New functionality is added. It is tested. Bugs are found, and bugs are fixed. Here is a candid dialogue on a recent chat regarding a bug that escaped our release testing but was found quickly (and is now fixed).

Heads up. We have discovered an annoying issue with the new association editor.

Here is the description from issue 11703:
“When cardinality changes in the association editor for formalized linked associations, it appears that the association gets unformalized and then re-formalized. Referential attributes lose prefix settings and attribute order changes. Examining the model data shows that the unique IDs of the attributes are different which means they are deleted and re-created.”

You will want to avoid this situation. If changing only the cardinality, I suggest you use the existing context menu entry for ‘Cardinality’.

We will keep issue 11703 updated as we progress to address this issue.

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