Always Advancing: xtUML release 5.3.4

The xtUML development team is pleased to announce a new BridgePoint Community Edition, release 5.3.4, that has several notable changes.

Our teams last release, 5.2- released in June 2015, included several updates including the move to Eclipse 4 (Mars).

“This is the first community release since 5.2.” said One Fact CEO, Cortland Starrett , “With this release the community can use it, but they can also build the tool with itself.”

The release of 5.3.4 will allow other users to continue to help out with open source development.

One of the big changes for open source users in the newest release is the introduction of the creation of graphics.

“If a user wants to create a feature that imports some other type of model into BridgePoint this new feature of graphics creation automatically creates graphics associated with the imported model elements.” said One Fact COO, Bob Mulvey, “Without this, the import model shows in Model Explorer but there would be no canvas for the models.”

You can get your latest version of the release at

For a more in depth view of the changes made to the latest release please note the list of issue numbers below and visit

#8295 – Port name fix
#8292 – Specialized package removal cleanup pass
#8349 – Preference to prevent parsing while editing OAL
MASL action language conversion and editing support
#8238 – Graphics reconciliation
#8385 – Removed Papyrus-RT plugins from packaging in the eclipse bases
#8385 – Added Xtext SDK plugins to BP eclipse bases in packaging repo
new model compiler
new python-based generator
#8352 – Unit test move to Junit4 to resolve ordering and test grouping problems
#8396 – remove unused MC plugins
#8397 – Convert example models to C source MC
#8398 – Remove Odometer plugin
#8399 – Remove installer project
#8402 – Move OAL xtext prototype plugins
#8424 – Stop hardcoding version in GPS Watch zipfile

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