MASL is a Shlaer-Mellor model and action specification language that can textually represent all of the executable elements of Object Oriented Analysis models. A model of MASL has been created. It is an OOA of MASL, a meta-model of the modeling language. The OOA of MASL is semantically equivalent to the xtUML meta-model, OOA of […]

Do I need BridgePoint Pro?

The following question was recently posed by a team of BridgePoint users who are depending on the nightly build of the tool. Does the list of issues provided in the issue tracker apply only to the ‘free’ (nightly build) versions, or would I/teammate have possibly experienced similar sorts of issues if we had the BridgePoint […]

Requirement Tracing

three ways to do requirements tracing in xtUML Here is a summary of three fundamental approaches to requirements tracing. These apply whether using DOORS, Jama, ReqTracer, Jira, Bugzilla, Redmine or others with similar “requirement identifier” approaches. Summary: imbedding requirement keys into xtUML models using BridgePoint adding xtUML model keys into the requirements of the trace […]

xtUML in the Field

ROGO Ag is a provider of automated soil sampling for agriculture. An application specific robot quickly and precisely gathers samples of soil from a farm field according to predefined criteria. Quality of data, repeatability and efficiency are maximized over manual soil sampling methods. Watch a video of the robot in action. xtUML serves in the […]

Java and BridgePoint

In 2019, Oracle changed the licensing terms for their distribution of Java. For reasons of consistency, convenience and good will, BridgePoint had been packaged with this version of Java. Oracle’s new licensing now makes this impossible. The xtUML development team has extricated the bundled JRE and will stop distributing a Java runtime with BridgePoint. This […]

Slackline? Slackline!

Is slacklining a sport? Is it a workout? Check it out. Computer scientists are performing Shlaer-Mellor object oriented analysis and constructing an xtUML model of the sport. One goal will be automated scoring of the technical aspects of the movements such as height, air-time, number of flips, time on the line, etc.Look for the model […]

‘x’ at the Eye

The ‘x’ in xtUML… is right in the eye of Typhoon #19, Hagibis. The xtUML stopping points of Ina, Nagano City, Atsugi, Tokyo, Karuizawa… all are wet and windy this weekend… 15 inches of rain in Atsugi!

Modeling Education

Educators from Shinshu University, IOT University and Nagano Prefecture secondary schools met at Minowa Junior High School in the city of Ina, Nagano, Japan. The topic of discussion included modeling and model-driven development (MDD) teaching methods. In Japan, modeling in various forms is being introduced into elementary and secondary education. One example project involves modeling […]

MDD at Shinshu U

The xtUML Modeling, Execution and Translation class held its first session at the Toyo Research Laboratory in Karuizawa, Japan this week. Professor Mizue Kayama of Shinshu University and Professor Takashi Nagai of IOT University joined together with their students. The course syllabus includes: Day 1:  Introduction, Assessment, Overview, Types, Variables, Domains and Abstraction Day 2:  […]


xtUML Days UK flew directly into MODELS EU. One Fact and the BridgePoint engineers have participated in the MODELS conference in various capacities the last several years. This year the focus was on the MDE Tools workshop. Participants included Professor Juergen Dingel of Queens University, Bran Selic, Francis Bordeleau and Ed Seidewitz.The conference venue was […]