Dawn of Ciera

Announcing the first production release of the Ciera model compiler (v2.0.0)! This is a general purpose Java code generator for BridgePoint and xtUML. A few details: Release notes can be seen here. Source code has been published to https://github.com/xtuml/ciera Issue tracking is live at https://support.onefact.net/projects/ciera Ciera is source under the Apache 2.0 license and all necessary documentation
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Requirement Tracing

three ways to do requirements tracing in xtUML Here is a summary of three fundamental approaches to requirements tracing. These apply whether using DOORS, Jama, ReqTracer, Jira, Bugzilla, Redmine or others with similar “requirement identifier” approaches. Summary: imbedding requirement keys into xtUML models using BridgePoint adding xtUML model keys into the requirements of the trace
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Java and BridgePoint

In 2019, Oracle changed the licensing terms for their distribution of Java. For reasons of consistency, convenience and good will, BridgePoint had been packaged with this version of Java. Oracle’s new licensing now makes this impossible. The xtUML development team has extricated the bundled JRE and will stop distributing a Java runtime with BridgePoint. This
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