xtUML Interfaces

xtUML interfaces can be uni-directional or bi-directional. From this graphic you can see small arrows in the port boxes indicating whether the port contains messages that are inbound, outbound or both. The LocationProvider and LocationUtil interfaces are uni-directional and on the Tracking component the messages are all outbound. The UI and HeartRateProvider interfaces contain messages
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xtUML 2015 Is History

xtUML 2015 is history and hereby declared an overwhelming success. Many thanks to those who made it a surprisingly productive event! The first surprise was the community reception of an xtUML conference in North America. Engineers and Analysts from the Shlaer-Mellor community were especially pleased with the opportunity to meet, collaborate and gain hands-on experience
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MC-C, the C model compiler, formerly MC-3020 was named after mathematical artist MC Escher. Escher is highly regarded for his recursive, self-referential artwork. MC-3020 is a model-based model compiler that compiles itself. And besides, it shares the same first two initials! Drawing Hands

Applications then Models then Tools

model abstracts application model conforms to method method applies standard tool enforces standard tool manifests method tool edits model Tools are cool, and modeling languages (methods) are a passion.  But applications are at the root of everything software.  By application I mean a problem that is being solved with software.  Tools and methods have usefulness
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