MC-Generated Auto-Dispose

In good Object-Oriented Programming and Modeling, instances of classes are linked through associations. This establishes a powerful interdependence within groups of related classes but makes clean-up more complex. An instance cannot simply delete itself without considering instances of other linked classes. Since associations in xtUML are explicit and captured in the model data, the disposal […]

HOWTO Connect to xtUML

There are many Shlaer-Mellor xtUML resources on the net. Choose the channel that fits your style of,, LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter #xtUML

Diagram and Element Types

BridgePoint is a systems modeling tool with a focus on Shlaer-Mellor xtUML (Executable and Translatable UML). In addition to the executable model elements, the tool supports analysis and documentation diagrams as well. BridgePoint supports all of the UML diagram types and supports the SysML diagrams that are the common overlap.

xtUML Days 2020 Save-the-Date

Dear Shlaer-Mellor xtUML Community,Optimistic that the present coronavirus season will have subsided by the end of the year, we have scheduled xtUML Days 2020 UK for November 4, 5, 6. Currently we are planning to host the event in Portsmouth, UK, but also exploring additional ways to connect! We are pleased to announce that Stephen […]

OAL, MASL and now ASL

OAL, MASL and now ASL… Today BridgePoint supports 2 action languages, OAL and MASL. As seen in the prototype screenshot, soon ASL will be supported, too. #xtUML