xtUML Days UK flew directly into MODELS EU. One Fact and the BridgePoint engineers have participated in the MODELS conference in various capacities the last several years. This year the focus was on the MDE Tools workshop. Participants included Professor Juergen Dingel of Queens University, Bran Selic, Francis Bordeleau and Ed Seidewitz.The conference venue was […]

xtUML Days 2019 In Motion

The conference has come and gone. We had a great mix of practitioners, methodologists, educators and fans. The week started with a reception dinner where we had an excellent menu and an upstairs room to ourselves. The conference proper featured presentations, debates and a panel discussion. Pictured here is the keynote speaker, Takao Futagami. Expect […]

xtUML Days next week…


xtUML Days is next week! The conference promises to be everything hoped. The line-up of presentations is compelling. However, the most exciting aspect of the conference is the rich list of attendees from 15 different companies and universities represented from 4 continents!