State Diagram, State Table


The state transition diagram is a graphical representation of a finite state machine in an executable UML model.  The states are the rounded boxes; transitions are the arrows between.  Events label the transitions, and activities can be expressed as action language in the states or on the transitions. A state event matrix (or state transition […]

Model Compiler Builders

The model compiler builders are changing.  Anyone using a Nightly Build after April 5, 2019 will need to upgrade their model compiler projects following the procedure outlined in section 5.2.1 of this engineering note. Read the note.  I think you will agree the cleanup is worth the minor upgrade inconvenience.  

Continuous Integration


The BridgePoint development team understands modeling, model-driven development and the benefits of abstraction, methodology and rigor.  Additionly, the team leverages the latest cloud-based technologies to support the engineering flow.  GitHub, Amazon Web Services, Redmine, Jenkins, Eclipse, real-time web chatting and more combine to take requirements to deployment. A typical scenario might be as follows: A […]