Stevenson Screen (Weather Station)

This model provides a functional allocation for a weather system known as a Stevenson Screen.  Such a weather enclosure contains and protects instrumentation used to measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and records specialized derivatives of these measurements.


weather station components

A barometer, hygrometer, thermometer, psychrometer and dewcell measure physical factors in the environment.  A thermograph records temperature and humidity.  Each of these deliver their acquired data through a concentrator to an internet host.


system deployment configuration

The first diagram show the “parts” of the system abstracted as UML components.  The second diagram illustrates a deployment configuration of the components interconnected across their interfaces.

The system uses an interface based upon MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) message brokering.

The host stores recordings in a cloud data base. This is a nice example of the Internet of Things.


Stevenson Screen

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