2 thoughts on “Returning Strings in C

    • This is a frequent question and a fair one to ask. There are several answers.

      1) C is not model aware. Action language (OAL) “understands” association, state machine, event, etc.
      2) Action language is at a higher level of abstraction. It is more productive to write action language; each line of action language represents 5-7 lines of C (on average).
      3) C is platform dependent; action language is platform independent. Action language does not govern choices of data storage, OS, threading, etc. C requires that these lower level target decisions are made at the same time as the application is being encoded.
      4) C is not interpretively executable; action language is. This allows executing (testing) models much earlier. Partial models can be executed, and compilation is not required.

      All this said, it is possible to leave out the action language, generate the structural code and type C code into the action bodies. This is done in some cases. But it is not very fun to write C for all of the actions when OAL generates them easily.

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