Where Does the Name “One Fact” Come From?

For a team of engineers, coming up with a name can be a challenge.  When it came time to spin BridgePoint out from Mentor we needed a name.  We started a thread on our Skype channel and brainstormed for a few days.  Here are name candidates we considered: Bodaway (Navajo for “fire maker”) Cholla Technology
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Open Source BridgePoint

Dear xtUML Follower,   BridgePoint 100% Open Source All of BridgePoint is now Open Source Software.  The full source code and documentation are accessible at github.com/xtuml.  You can download an installable Open Source BridgePoint at xtuml.org/download.  The Editor, Verifier and Model Compilers are now openly accessible, licensed under Apache 2.0.  Feel free to download and
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