xtUML Day 2017 UK

xtUML Day 2017 UK is in the books! Thank you to all participants for making the event an overwhelming success. Presentations and discussions included moving toward a unified Mellor/Carter method (changes to polymorphic events and referential identifiers), ideas about improved user experience, and discussion of a type system in xtUML. Check out the presentations at:
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BridgePoint is built and tested under Jenkins (heir to Hudson). Maven and Tycho do the heavy lifting for the builds. JUnit drives more than 7000 unit tests. A combination of shell scripts runs a set of round-trip import/export/compare tests. Results are automatically published to the nightly build site (https://xtuml.org/download/).

xtUML Resources

The richest source of information about xtUML is found on xtuml.org. Specifically, there is a ‘Learn’ menu item with all kinds of resources. Books: xtuml.org/learn/books/ For a high-level overview, I recommend MDA Distilled. For deeper Executable UML, I recommend Mellor/Balcer and then Rastrick. Articles: xtuml.org/learn/articles/ Training Course: An interactive online training course is available that
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