Changing Lanes

Self-Driving cars seemed to be so far in the future. However, we already have cars that can parallel park, avoid obstacles and even change lanes on the freeway. With accelerometers, GPS and LiDAR, a control system can assist you in making a safe lane change.  

xtUML Resources

The richest source of information about xtUML is found on Specifically, there is a ‘Learn’ menu item with all kinds of resources. Books: For a high-level overview, I recommend MDA Distilled. For deeper Executable UML, I recommend Mellor/Balcer and then Rastrick. Articles: Training Course: An interactive online training course is available that
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Eclipse Governance

The Eclipse Foundation provides governance for open source software projects that assures openness, accessibility and long term stability. The BridgePoint source code is already open source and now is taking another step to establish continuity by becoming an eclipse project. View the migration proposal here. BridgePoint is still BridgePoint, and will now enjoy the
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