Academy of Global Engineering

One Fact presented to the Saudi Arabian Academy of Global Engineering.  The academy had visited Purdue University and stopped in at MatchBOX (the co-working studio that serves as 1F HQ) to explore entrepreneurial start-ups.  Of special interest was the formulation of a company around an Open Source business model.

xtUML Day 2017 UK

xtUML Day 2017 UK is in the books! Thank you to all participants for making the event an overwhelming success. Presentations and discussions included moving toward a unified Mellor/Carter method (changes to polymorphic events and referential identifiers), ideas about improved user experience, and discussion of a type system in xtUML. Check out the presentations at:
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BridgePoint is built and tested under Jenkins (heir to Hudson). Maven and Tycho do the heavy lifting for the builds. JUnit drives more than 7000 unit tests. A combination of shell scripts runs a set of round-trip import/export/compare tests. Results are automatically published to the nightly build site (

Changing Lanes

Self-Driving cars seemed to be so far in the future. However, we already have cars that can parallel park, avoid obstacles and even change lanes on the freeway. With accelerometers, GPS and LiDAR, a control system can assist you in making a safe lane change.